Verse integration for Naali

During the summer I’ve been working on a simple Verse integration tech demo for Naali (RealXtend). In short, Verse integration is for having a low-overhead and fast protocol for EC  (Entity Component) attributes. In this techdemo I’ve concentrated on setting light attributes and a way to have Naali keep book of world objects and map them to verse nodes.

I have recorded a short demonstration in which I show how the light can be set using an external tool that has Verse support, in this case the Connector scene graph editor from Quel Solaar.

Implementationally the Verse integration is done on the level of Primitive class, where Primitive will connect to a verse server when instantiated. Upon accept Naali will then subscribe to object nodes and for each object node it receives it will also subscribe to changes.

When a new object is created in Naali, also a verse node is created, to hold and communicate changes to EC_OgreLight.

To keep track of the different objects on different servers there are three maps, one to map RexUUID to VNodeID, one reverse VNodeID to RexUUID and then an extra RexUUID to entity_id_t to speedup lookups when receiving updates through Verse.

When Blender gets again proper Verse integration this will be especially interesting when thinking from perspective of content authoring using external tools. Blender is already a great modelling and content creation suite, and with Verse it’s easy to write simple, small tools to do a number of tasks (texturing, scene decoration, mesh changing, audio attaching, etc.)

One thought on “Verse integration for Naali

  1. Hi Nathan,
    it is nice to see, that somebody else is doing something with Verse! :-) BTW: I finished user authentication and security negotiation at new Verse protocol and I’m just working at resend mechanism. I hope, that I will be able to show something interesting in short time.



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