Animation Control in Naali

Tonight I pushed some code that enables the user to set animations to entities. Although not final, it already helps the user in picking a specific animation that is provided in an animation asset. This way the user doesn’t have to guess the names of the animations, just picking from a dropbox is so much easier!

See this short screencast what this is all about.

6 thoughts on “Animation Control in Naali

  1. hey guy! i m the man who retarget the animations from Motion builder to blender. i recognized the keyboard “punkette” animation and the names “stand to sit” “sit to stand” etc…
    as a blender user i found this link on blender nation.
    good job…


  2. no the creation was not a problem itself. it’s a mocap process.
    what is difficult is the pipeline. working with motion capture file and models between motion builder and blender is a little bit tricky. the best way we found for importing animations in blender was in 2.5 with the opencolada importer/exporter from max. then append the motion from another blender file previously imported from max to inject animation clips in the same character and file.
    But there is not yet an ogre exporter in 2.5 so the ones you can see in your application were imported using BVH and blender 2.49: the pipeline is not friendly at all.
    the good thig will be a FBX importer in blender….. but….it seem that’s not in the autodesk’s plans.
    i guess why…hehehe

  3. Right, it’d be nice if Ogre exporter were done soon :) Probably today last big change in scripting API I think.

    Oh well, maybe I have a quick peek, who knows.

  4. hmmm, ll be great if you found something.
    i ve read 1 year ago an old post from campbell barton on this subject

    seem to be compromize to be included in blender.

    “if something is going wrong in the character hierarchy on the engine or if you ve got any request on the characters structures. dont hesitate to contact me”

  5. Wow – that’s another awsome goodie in naali! Every build is getting more awsome features. I asume you used the ogre skeleton – you know if there are any limits of animation duration or file size?
    And i guess the animations could be also called via scripts?

    It looks like i have to take a deeper look into the ogre specs and start trying :-)

    Keep up the great work :-)

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