Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 39

And another week has gone by, full of bug fixing and report tending. I closed over 30 reports of which 5 I fixed, the rest were either duplicates, todos or rejected. I fixed some unreported bugs too.

I cleaned out the trunk from the project files, and I fixed our CMake for Windows project files to properly copy the correct Python DLL and modules. For this I also committed the Python modules unpacked to our dependencies directories.

I enabled multilayer EXR files as textures.

I am slowly taking more ownership over our COLLADA code too. I fixed camera import and export and the odd crash that could happen when exporting uvlayers with image textures that didn’t have images set. I also fixed our COLLADA import to name the uvlayers as per <bind_vertex_input> semantic; for this I patched OpenCOLLADA and submitted the patch: here. The Windows libraries have been updated, Linux and OSX users need to patch themselves until committed. Test builds for Windows have been updated too, for that see the right sidebar.

I started changing yesterday the graph creation scripts, so until that’s done I now give just the numbers:

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