Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 41

Last week has been a bit of a hassle. Tuesday and wednesday I was out of development a lot, since I did some rebuilding of my ‘wardrobe’. I use an Ikea wardrobe to house my machines, but they stood there just as machines. Airflow was less than optimal, so I had to keep one door always open. I decided to do something about it. I removed the big plank in the middle and put a Elfa organiser system in place. I removed the casings from my computers and put the componenst into the organiser system. For cooling I got 4 large Noctua fans. The wardrobe is now much cooler, I can even leave the doors closed for long times. The system is not finished by a long shot. I still need to saw some good air vents at the top of the thing for outlet, and at the bottom for intake. Then install the fans properly, install silencer mats and so on. After that I’ve been working hard on getting back on track with time usage.

I’ve been working on COLLADA bugs that I thought would be quick to fix. It might have been quick, but I didn’t like the simple fixes, so I took time to devise a way for doing light export ‘properly’. I’ve been in contact with the author of Mitsuba renderer project (Jakob Wenzel) about the issue, and I think that the current way of doing export and import is now much better. Similar issues arise with camera export and import and so on – I continue working on them.

For Windows there was a difficult task in figuring out and fixing the problem of AltGr input in Text editor and Console editor.

Saturday I’ve added a simple version of the System Info script we used to have in 2.4x series. This can now be used by users to get good system info to be used in bug reports (the AltGr-problem became apparent when I tried scripting in Blender for this).

Last week I did 27 commits of which 7 were fixes. I closed 20 reports and I commented of a whole lot more.

Because of the AltGr-problem I put writing the graph scripts back (I use blender text editor exclusively for any Python 3.1.2 code, since it’s the only Python 3.1.2 interpreter I have on my system – ok, I admin, I do use gvim too when scripting in Blender), so the graphs look still unfinished, but here’s the pictures and numbers:

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