Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 42

Last week I’ve been working on GHOST issues on Windows, fixing problems with modifier keys, some of them because I did some improper checks on what is used where. Shift+numpad keys are still a problem, but I’ll continue working on finding a solution for this.

COLLADA issues I moved to the todo list, because I need to concentrate on other issues (bugfixes, release logs, docs) too. If there are developers out there who want to contribute to our COLLADA code, I’ll be happy to coordinate their efforts, review their patches and apply them to our trunk.

Apart from bugfixing I did also some cleaning of the code, specifically GHOST and blenkernel are now warning free. We’ve enabled /WX and -Werror for these parts, so any warnings there should be caught pretty soon. Because not all developers work on all platforms it’ll mean an increased amount of “Does Not Compile” messages to our mailing list, but I think that’s OK.

As of this writing we’re on 195 open reports, with since 2.54 beta a total of 718 closed and 522 newly opened reports. As you can see, we do make progress still :)

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