My legs! MY LEGS!

End of day 2, Blender Conference 2010. Two days full of talks and workshops, what a bustle and vibrant time. And being speaker assistance also a lot of running, talking to many people, connecting, this, that, quickly here, be in a minute with your, there, back again, double-check everything is ok, you’re good now? sure, right after this I’ll be there.

But it’s all a great time! It’s great to see so many people in one place, interested all in Blender and presenting their usage of Blender, their ideas they have, their needs, their visions. It’s clear that Blender is pretty widely used in the academic world, and in such a wide variety of disciplines.

The Suzanne Awards Festival was a great watch too. A great many entries in the socalled Selection-section: great entries, that were not eligable for participation, or the maker(s) didn’t want it to participate. And then the actual nominees. All in all high level of quality.

I most not forget to mention the huge 4K-screen that we have in the entrance hall. Scenes from Sintel rendered in the huge resolution, as well as stills from Big Buck Bunny rendered for the occasion. Such a huge resolution is pretty unforgiving though, clearly the bowl from which Sintel is drinking needs at least one more subdiv level added! But it looks impressive on the large screen.

I’m happy that I’ve been able to shortly talk to some people a bit more than the quick moments for help, and I’m looking forward to be in contact with as many of those people as possible. The conference is also just so full of potential for just about anything!

Anyway, enough rambling, I should start on the weekly report before a deserved nights rest. An extra hour of sleep even. Woohoo!

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