Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 45

Last week has been mostly about going over existing documentation and figuring out what to do with the organisation of the different places where we provide documentation. Currently we have a section on main, and a section under This will be consolidated, having most of the content moved to the wiki, where it can be maintained better by all active developers.

For the developer documentation I’ve been writing a SVN+Git tutorial, recording a 20+ minute session explaining a simple workflow with this. More developer documentation on the codebase, development pipeline and so on will follow.

Tracker work has been on the slow side from my part, mostly commenting on reports and assigning to active developers; actually closing reports a grand total of 3.

From next week on I’ll be concentrating again more on the tracker, but also put in time for the documentation. The time division will be 50%-50% for the tasks.

Concluding with some stats:

Already a huge amount of reports since 2.55 beta was released (and fortunately even more closed), but it is obvious that users do want to participate in improving Blender. It’s good to see Ton being in business again, too.

I’ll be adding some more stats, like amount of duplicate reports and rejected reports.

I still need to update the scripts to properly do axis for the graphs, otherwise they don’t make that much sense (although they do give some sense of the progress).

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