Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 46

This week I’ve fixed 4 bugs and closed several more reports. Most of the time went into checking the tracker and commenting. I’ve applied two COLLADA patches, one by Martijn Berger and one from Wenzel Jakob.

I uploaded my SVN+Git tutorial to YouTube, the text for the tutorial will be in our wiki soon. I’ve made a start with changing wiki pages and reorganising the Development section of the main website, moving content to our wiki for easier maintenance by not only me, but others as well.

I’ve taken some time to work on the GForge migration too, which is going pretty nicely. Still some database issues that I’m figuring out, hopefully next week I’ll have some more time to put into this.

Next monday I’ll most likely be not much active, as I’ll be on a trip to Helsinki for some pretty exciting stuff. I hope I can blog about that before the end of the year. If I have a properly working mobile connection, I’ll work from the train, otherwise I’ll do the hours over the course of the entire week.

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