Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 47

My time on the bug tracker has been pretty minimal, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been active! I’ve started tagging pages on the wiki that I’m going to work on, or am already working on with the newly created {{Warning/Working/Development}} template. With this I can communicate to people that I’m working on those pages. I try to include a smart message about why I’m working on it. In the coming time you’ll see more updates on the wiki, with a steady convergance on a better structured content and less duplication. There are some wildly old pages on the wiki, that can be merged with newer documents, and so on.

Further I’ve been working on the upgrade for our beloved/infamous projects site This week I’ve been looking into getting the database into shape. Most of it now works, and after some cleanup I even managed to get the search time down from around 10 minutes to 1 second. A pretty cool speed-up if I may say. Next week I’ll continue with this work. There are still some issues with the upgrade that I need to weed out, before we have a properly working upgrade. Things that still go wrong are: activity_vw table not recreated, workflow not working, reporting seems to be non-functional and partly the bug tracker browsing does weird things. When the database upgrade is done we will have to check SVN integration and move the existing repositories to the new system.

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