Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 48

I already wrote about my work for the last week in my previous blog, but I wanted to do this one still so I could also include some stats, that have been lacking for a few weeks. Note that this is a longer-than-usual stats message, so be sure to check out the SVN stats section and the fixed bugs -list.

As you can see, hour daily stats are starting to look very nice. Only three days during which more reports were opened than closed. The hourly stats also look a bit better than before, most hours creeping closer to the same amount of reporting as closing.

For the accumulated amounts per day we see that right after Blender 2.55 beta release we received more bugs than we fixed. After a good two weeks we finally managed to turn the tide, and it is evident that also Ton Roosendaal is participating in our bug fixing efforts. Finally!

Now for some SVN stats, I let the numbers speak for themselves.

And finally as an extra, here is the list of bugs that got marked fixed since Blender 2.55 beta:

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