Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 12

The second-last week. It’s been COLLADA-heavy, I’ve managed to fix the reported COLLADA-bugs as I mentioned I would in the previous report. Further I’ve worked on Blender profiles for COLLADA export, with the first one now in use for lamp export. Most of the Lamp struct variables are now being exported directly to COLLADA, and with a little extra work we’ll be able to actually read them in, too.

Next week I’ll be concentrating on the installer mostly, tidying up for the last week of my Blender Foundation contract. After that I’ll be concentrating on our Blender studio I founded with 4 other guys at the beginning of March this year, Studio Lumikuu. Lots of work to be done there, exciting times ahead…

Further I have a reimplementation of Planet Blender in the pipeline, final testing with much improved feed parsing and database structure. Similarly for Blenderstorm I’m working on an improved implementation. Enough to worry about!

Let’s close with the traditional imagery and stats:

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  1. Hi there, I was just wondering whether multiple animation action support was coming at some point, in the Blender COLLADA export?

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