Upcoming: Blender Conference 2011, Renderfarm.fi work and old news

In a few weeks the 10th Blender Conference will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A great programme is awaiting all participants with a wide range of topics, like Sergey Sharybin and Sebastian König talking about tracking and compositing in Blender, creating online apps using RealXtend by Toni Alatalo, lots of other talks regarding games and pipelines, usage of Blender in the scientific world and so on. I’ll be managing speakers together with Thomas Dinges. By the looks of it the Blender Network site will see its premiere then too. We’ll see :)

In further news: I’ll be starting working on an interesting project for Renderfarm.fi, which hopefully results in some nice improvements for its users in the course of the next 12 months. For this I’ll be in Budapest, Hungary during week 42 to attend the kick-off meeting for SCI-BUS.

I’ve been somewhat inactive on my blog, but a lot has been going on. Studio Lumikuu had 3 members present at SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouver, Canada. Our studio also sponsored the hand-out DVD for the event. It was a great time with the opportunity to meet old and new Blender users and generally being at a place with so much about CGI, animation and so on.

Further I have been busy with p3d.in, a brand new WebGL-based viewer for in your browser. Idea started by Daniel Salazar, we’ve now teamed up with Pelle Johnsen and Aschwin van der Woude to work on this service. We think it’ll be great.

If you have a WebGL-capable browser, you should see below a nicely embedded model made by Hannu Hoffrén, one of Studio Lumikuu members. Orbit with LMB, zoom with MMB and pan with RMB.

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