Overview 2012

It’s been a while since I last wrote to my blog, so here’s an overview of what has happened during 2012.

Blender 3D

During 2012 I’ve gradually stepped down of many of my Blender 3D development and maintenance tasks. I used to run the build-bots for MingW64 and MSVC, but they were moved to the Blender Institute, so I could fully use my own machine again. Other work is currently more priority, so I thought it wise to move to the background, and not hold back important development, just because I didn’t have enough time to invest next to family, day job and P3D.in. I’ve still now and then done some commits, and help out with server issues though. And when the time is right, and I’ve got the resources again to fully get back into Blender 3D development I surely will!


Since October 2011 I’ve been working on Renderfarm.fi as my day job. My employer for this is Laurea University of Applied Sciences, in Leppävaara, Finland (think Helsinki). I’m active as the Lead Developer, and our work is currently funded through the SCI-BUS project. During 2012 I’ve added Cycles support, along with an algorithm and implementation to divide sample work amongst render nodes (BOINC clients). Lots of bug fixing and performance updates were done.

But in November 2012 we experienced a less-than-fun all-system crash. We decided to implement right away some huge changes, that were all planned for sometime in 2013, but here we had a great opportunity to do so, although very unfortunate the crash. So, we changed the system from Gentoo to a Debian, visualized pretty much everything and split off services onto separate nodes (parsing, validation, assimilation, encoding). If that wasn’t enough, we also started the re-implementation of the front-end. The old system used to be Drupal-based, but for the new one we chose Django + Ember.js. Much of that work has been finalized in February 2013, but it is still not complete.

The huge changes on hardware infrastructure and software meant a lot of unforeseen problems, meaning a lot of crash courses for myself. Things I didn’t have to know earlier became now much more known than I would have ever imagined.

This work continued throughout the remainder of 2012, well into 2013.


For P3D.in we’ve been working since summer 2012 on a new version. Perhaps taking a bit longer than we initially thought, but we all are certain that this will be worth the wait.

Studio Lumikuu

Due to the amount of work for Renderfarm.fi and P3D.in I haven’t been much active in our co-operative Studio Lumikuu. I certainly am working towards making it possible for myself to work more through our studio on Blender 3D related projects. Who knows what 2013 and 2014 hold in store for our studio!

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