About Letwory Interactive

I used the name Letwory Interactive more or less actively in the period 2004-2012. At the moment I don’t actively use this business name, so this blog is focusing now more on the activities I am currently involved in, most prominently the integration of the Cycles render engine in Rhinoceros 3D.

I’ll probably be writing about all sorts of topics, though.

Things I’ve done:

  • Create RhinoCycles (and related projects), integrating the Cycles render engine in Rhino 3D as a real-time, interactive render engine
  • Create CCSycles, a .NET wrapper and API for the Cycles render engine
  • co-found and work on p3d.in, a WebGL 3D collaboration/gallery tool
  • Work on (now defunct) Renderfarm.fi – a BOINC-based distributed rendering solution for Blender
  • Technical editor for the book Mastering Blender by Tony Mullen.
  • Blender Core Developer / Windows Platform Maintainer (until 2013 or so) / SCons Build System Maintainer for Blender (note that the SCons build system was removed in 2016)
  • RealXtend Developer
  • Work on Versesharp – a C# Verse implementation
  • Talks and presentations: Wintercamp 2009 (interview), Assembly 2009 (Presentation for Renderfarm.fi), Blender seminaari 30.9.2009 at Laurea Leppävaara