Blender Development

The following projects I work on or have worked on:


Blender SCons build system

This is the main build system for many developers. It is used to create at least the Windows Blender official releases. I created the system in its current form, and I maintain and improve it continuously.

Windows Platform Manager

Together with Andrea Weikert I am responsible for the smooth running of Blender on Windows operating systems. This includes both the source code being compilable on the systems, and the installer working as well as possible.

ORE – scripting

For the currently running ORE project ( I’m working on a set of scripts to help the user in creating acceptable .blends for submission to the renderfarm. Essentially there are two main scripts:

  • Scene verification and guestimator: this script checks the .blend file to see if it conforms to the submission rules for the renderfarm. It also tries to estimate the RAM usage for rendering the scene, so that proper settings can be generated for submission
  • Scene submission: this script interfaces with the renderfarm to enable the user to upload .blends for a session.

Technical editing

I’m technical editor for Tony Mullen’s upcoming book.


A prototype project in which I investigate integration of a database into Blender as backend. This opens the door for Digital Asset Management integration into Blender and with that the possibility to build an entire production pipeline.
MySQL Conference & Expo 2008
I was speaker at the MySQL Conference in April, 14-17, where I talked about the project.


PyNodes are scriptable material nodes for Blender. This means that you can easily write custom shaders for Blender without having to recompile the entire package.

Texture IPOs

Texture IPOs control the various variables of Blender procedural textures. This can be used to animate them to create interesting effects.

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