Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 41

Last week has been a bit of a hassle. Tuesday and wednesday I was out of development a lot, since I did some rebuilding of my ‘wardrobe’. I use an Ikea wardrobe to house my machines, but they stood there just as machines. Airflow was less than optimal, so I had to keep one door … Read more

Blender Foundation: Status Update Week 39

And another week has gone by, full of bug fixing and report tending. I closed over 30 reports of which 5 I fixed, the rest were either duplicates, todos or rejected. I fixed some unreported bugs too. I cleaned out the trunk from the project files, and I fixed our CMake for Windows project files … Read more

Blender 2.5 r30109

I’ve updated my Blender builds (self-extracting archives) on Note that these are not the installers that I also have been posting. Please get them and enjoy! Blender 2.5 r30109 win32 Blender 2.5 r30109 win64 As always, you can find the links to these download pages on the right side of my blog. Update: I’ve … Read more