Common Blender 2.5 Problems And How To Fix Them

With Blender 2.5 alpha 0 we’ve seen the first release in the 2.5 series, boasting a great many new features on top of the all-new event system – a major overhaul of one of the most central parts of Blender. As one can expect, many problems were readily found during the first few moments after … Read more

Very short howto

Assumed: Visual Studio 2008 installed, Python 2.6 installed, subversion installed. svn co c:\dev\blender svn co c:\dev\lib\windows start Visual Studio 2008 command prompt set PATH=C:\Python26;%PATH% cd c:\dev\blender python scons\ WITH_BF_COLLADA=1 WITH_BF_QUICKTIME=0 PS. I’m still writing the detailed tutorial